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How-to place extortion scams on LGBTQ+ online dating apps

How-to place extortion scams on LGBTQ+ online dating apps

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Looking fancy on LGBTQ+ dating apps? Scammers are at the ready as well.

We’re hearing about frauds concentrating on folk on LGBTQ+ online dating apps, like Grindr and Feeld. As well as aren’t your common I-love-you, please-send-money romance cons. They’re extortion cons.

They often run something similar to this: a scammer presents as a prospective enchanting spouse on an LGBTQ+ dating application, chats to you, rapidly delivers direct pictures, and requests comparable photographs in return. Any time you submit photographs, the blackmail starts. They jeopardize to talk about your own conversation and photographs with your friends, group, or manager unless you spend — generally by surprise card. To help make their own risks more reliable, these fraudsters will say to you the names of exactly who they propose to contact in the event that you don’t spend up. This is exactly records scammers discover online through the help of their telephone number or the social media marketing profile.